Recruitment Recap: Week 4

Hogwarts Trolley Express Bake Sale

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The sisters and recruits did an amazing job baking a wide variety of Harry Potter themed treats and goodies for one of our most successful bake sales to date! Treats included Golden Snitch Cake Pops, Deathly Hallows Cookies, Skull cakes, Tombstone Cupcakes, Butterbeer Cupcakes, Harry Potter themed Banana Whoopie Pies, and Pumpkin Spiced loaves. Special shout out to our amazing alumni member, Shelby, for baking ten different items, including whole cakes, different flavoured cupcakes, and chocolate frogs, as well as to Katherine and Sahiti for helping her decorate all these amazing items!

Info Night #3

Our last Info Night provided details to the recruits about the candidacy process and how to become a potential active member. The Membership Educators did a fantastic job of informing the recruits of the next step in becoming a A.O.E. member, and later on the recruits and actives snacked on some of the baked items from the bake sale earlier in the week, while getting to know each other more!

Care of Magical Creatures


The Philanthropy Committee’s recruitment event, “Care of Magical Creatures” had actives and recruits spending their time on a Saturday afternoon volunteering at the Kelowna BC SPCA! Tasks involved taking inventory of the various items the branch needed to be organized, such as T-shirts and bags and doing some heavy-lifting around the centre.The highlight of the day was presenting a $150 cheque from proceeds made at the Hogwarts Trolley Express Bake Sale to the centre! Well done girls!


Recruitment Recap: Week 3

Divination of an Engineering Career


The week kicked off with “Divination of an Engineering Career” on Wednesday – a great informative and interactive event put on by our Professional Committee. The event was about getting us thinking about our futures. It started off with an aptitude test that generates what career field is best for you, which shockingly goes to show that there is no set career for someone. Our alumnae Shelby and Naomi ran the session by teaching us all the different doors an Engineering Degree opens up for you and how the industry work field and the Masters/ doctorate field works and what is required to succeed in both. Then we had some teamwork via a brief brainstorming and presentation session about resume headlines. Best part was we got to munch on some yummy snack platters!

Pre-Sorting Hat Speed Dating

Then, the Sorting Hat came out at the Family Speed Dating event on Thursday. We had a quick timed 5 minute session where potential recruits went around chatting with the different families we have (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin). Family specific questions were asked along with some silly ones like “Rate your sass level on a scale of 1 -10”. It was a great way to get to know the families and a great way for the families to get to know who fits best where and who gels with who!

Potions 101: Safe Drinking and Mocktails


Finally on Saturday, we had yet another informative and interactive event hosted by the Risk Reduction committee called Potions 101. We learned about responsible drinking, while making some mocktails such as Frozen Butterbeer as a substitute for alcoholic beverages. Each cup had a tip about safe drinking on it which we all went around the room sharing, along with stories and other tips. The highlight of the night was when some of the girls saw that a Mentos candy was in their cup, meaning they had been secretly drugged because they let their eyes leave their drink or did not watch the bartender make their drink. Whoever had a Mentos had to sing karaoke, and Disney songs seemed to be a recurring theme.  

Divination of an Engineering Career


Are you the type of person who likes to plan out well ahead of time where and what you’ll be doing after your undergraduate degree? Well, make sure to attend our workshop this Wednesday, September 21, 2016 from 8PM-9PM in EME 1101!

The workshop will consist of a quick career aptitude test, a resume skills group exercise, and a panel style discussion with two of our amazing alumni members! The alumni members will speak about how they ended up at their current positions (one an EIT, the other a Master’s student).

Make sure to bring either a laptop or your phone for the aptitude test part! Snacks will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there! :)

Recruitment Recap: Week 2

Info Night #2

Info Night #2 was for all of those who couldn’t make our first info night. It started at 6:30pm and sisters stayed to talk with Recruits until 8:00pm. Info Nights are a great way for the active sisters to bond and for the Recruits to learn what Alpha Omega Epsilon is all about.

Greek Life Yule BBQ Ball

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The weather was great for the annual Greek Life BBQ! Actives, Alumni, and Recruits all came out to visit and enjoy burgers, hot dogs and freezies, and mingle with fellow Greek Life members and recruits from Sigma Phi Delta fraternity and Theta Phi Sorority.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: First Year Survival Guide

The Scholastics committee organized a scavenger hunt to take a break from all of the studying. This scavenger hunt had Recruits looking all over campus for Active approved study spots. At every location Recruits received a study tip and a candy.

Paint Twister Triwizard Tournament


Paint twister has been a successful recruitment event for two years in a row now. Actives and Recruits gathered and got messy in the commons in a colourful battle for the paint twister champion.

Greek Life Yule BBQ Ball


Come join us for a BBQ with the rest of Greek Life (Theta Phi Sorority and Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity) outside on the UNC Amphitheatre tomorrow evening at 5pm! Burgers and hot dogs are on us, and it’s a great way to get to know the A.O.E. sisters better as well as the rest of Greek Life. See y’all tomorrow (September 13)! :)

Recruitment Recap: Week 1


Create Day

img_3743 img_3746

Create is always the first event of the school year, and the first reunion after a long summer for most Beta Beta Sisters! This year we managed to avoid the rain and reached out to a lot of ladies beginning first year engineering. Our Harry Potter themed table included family-coloured cake-pops and the Sisterhood magic that makes A.O.E. great! Thank you to everyone who came to the event, it was a fantastic kick-off for the school year!

Info Night #1

Info Night #1 started at 7:30pm, finished by 8pm, but was busy until nearly 10pm! It was an exciting opportunity to meet and get to know our prospective Sisters from first year, second year, and sciences! We hope to see all our rushes at more events!

Greek Life Beach Day

img_3756 img_3793

This hot and sunny Saturday was a fantastic choice for a trip to City Park Beach. Gathered by the basketball courts and beach volleyball net, Alpha Omega Epsilon joined Sigma Phi Delta and Theta Phi for our annual Greek Life beach trip! The lake was a fantastic (& refreshing) opportunity to get away from campus for a while, play some games, and welcome the new year in swimsuit style. We’re looking forward to our next Greek Life event, the barbecue on Tuesday evening!