BMO Marathon Water Station Volunteering

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

It’s been a great Recruitment Period this fall, and we’re thankful to have had so many fun, successful, engaging, and exciting events!

We’re thankful for everyone who woke up before the sun on Sunday to come to our last event and volunteer at a water station for the BMO Okanagan Marathon!! We had a great time cheering on our sister and current secretary Mariah O. in the race!

Although it’s sad recruitment is over (a.k.a. one of the most exciting times during our year!) there are lots of great things to come, and we’re thankful for being able to share them with all of you!

-Webmaster J.M. on behalf of M.S.N.

What to Expect from Co-op & Summer Work

Interested in learning about the different options out there for finding great work experience opportunities in the field of engineering, even as an undergraduate student?

Well, make sure to show up to our “What to Expect from Co-op & Summer Work” info session! The lovely sisters of our Professional Committee will speak about their own experiences with co-op positions, research positions, lab positions, and finding work outside of co-op!

The session will be held tomorrow Wednesday, October 7, 2015 in EME 1101 from 8PM to 9PM.

See y’all there!

-Webmaster JM

CIBC Run for the Cure: Spirit Squads!

CIBC Run for the Cure

Thank you to all of our awesome and lovely A.O.E. sisters and recruits who volunteered last Sunday morning at CIBC’s Run for the Cure! We split into two of the most energetic and encouraging spirit squads and let our voices cheer on all the inspiring runners and walkers of the day! So happy to be a part of this cause to raise funds for breast cancer awareness for another year!

Family Speed Dating

At this point you’ve come out to many of the fun events and learned about all the great aspects of becoming an A.O.E. sister.

This next event is special; “Family Speed Dating” is where you get to learn about the families within A.O.E.’s Beta Beta Chapter and the families get to learn more about you! This event will help you figure out which family you would fit in with as an A.O.E. sister.

Make sure to show up to this important event on Wednesday, September 30 from 7:30PM to 8:30PM in EME 1101.

-Webmaster JM

Paint Twister

If you love twister and love getting artsy, then I suggest you show up for PAINT TWISTER!

It’s all going down at Sunday, September 27 at 1PM in the Commons Field, see you there!

It will get quite messy, so make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting “colourful,” and it might be a good idea to bring a towel you don’t mind mucking up.

-Webmaster JM

Info Night: Candidacy Period

Hi y’all,

So at this point, you’re super interested in becoming a A.O.E. sister; you’ve met the great group of sisters, got involved and hung out at some great events, but you’re not sure how to get involved? Well this 3rd Info Night focuses on explaining the “Candidacy Period” which is the next step in becoming a part of our great sorority!

Come to EME 1101 from 7:30PM-8:30PM to find out more!

See y’all there!

-Webmaster JM


What could be better than a fun-filled day of go-karting, mini golf, and classic arcade games with the A.O.E. members and your fellow classmates in recruitment? Nothing really haha! So come hang out with us at Scandia to get to know the A.O.E sisters better, the campus better, and learn more about what A.O.E is all about!

We’ll be hanging out at Scandia this Saturday, September 19 starting at 2:00PM.

***Don’t forget to bring cash/credit/debit! For $20, you can go-kart, play a round of mini golf, and play 20 tokens worth of arcade games!***

You can take the 97 Bus from the campus bus loop and get off at McCurdy. It’s just a 5 minute walk from there to Scandia.

See y’all there! :)

-Webmaster JM