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What is Recruitment?

The process of becoming a Candidate of AOE is referred to as Recruitment. During this period, we strive to get to know you better through attending events throughout the week.

What are the Ideals and Objectives of AOE?

As a sisterhood we strive to uphold these doctrines that we call theĀ Ideals and Objectives. Throughout the course of the candidacy period, we want you to strive to meet these ideals and objectives as well.

How do you become a Candidate?

You must be a female student in either engineering, or majoring in computer science or physics at the Okanagan campus of UBC, and attend some of our recruitment events during the first few weeks of a semester. Also, if you have a GPA (if you are returning to university), it must be a 2.00 or higher.

How long is the Candidacy period?

The Candidacy period lasts approximately 2 months. This gives enough time for each candidate to learn about our group, and for everyone in our group to get to know each candidate.

How much of a time commitment is the sorority?

Over the course of the semester, members of the sorority must attend a few of the planned study sessions, come out to weekly meetings (usually last about an hour), and come to our events when possible. It is, however, taken into account that most of us are quite busy with our academics, and we will insure that everyone is doing well at this aspect.

What types of events does Alpha Omega Epsilon have?

We hold professional, academic, social, philanthropic and other sisterhood events.

Professional development events are very important to the sisterhood because we take pride in being a professional organization. Some events include resume building, financial planning, and lectures from industry speakers.

Social events are typically get togethers once a month or so to just hang out and relax with sisters, go out bowling, play laser tag, or anything else to have a bit of fun and unwind.

For philanthropy, we participate in service activities around campus and the community, as well as donate proceeds from some of our fundraising events. Fundraising activities in the past have included sales of christmas ornaments, bake sales, and car washes.

We are always open to suggestions in different types of events to host, so feel free to suggest more!

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