Sarah McKinnell

Candidate class: Lambda

Major: Undecided (probably Mechanical Engineering)

Intended grad year: 2022

Family: Bullideen

Big Sister: Erika Ablett

Positions held:  Fundraising, Risk Reduction, Corresponding, Philanthropy and Historian Committees, Sisterhood committee co-chair

Why did you join the sorority?  I felt that the sorority would be a good way to get involved on campus, as well as being a good way for me to learn more and gain more confidence.

What do you hope to accomplish? I hope to develop as a person while gaining skills to take up more leadership roles as well as promote women going into STEM fields.

If you were an animal what would you be? I would be a meerkat because I can be quite skittish around things I perceive as threats and I’m from Africa.

What’s your favourite Disney movie? The Lion King

Fun fact about you? I won an award for a costume I made!

What are your interests and hobbies? I have passions for sewing, creating, singing and cosplay!