Erika Ablett


Candidate class: Eta

Major: Electrical Engineering

Intended grad year: 2017

Family: Fredeen

Big Sister: Naomi Fredeen

Positions held:  Treasurer 2017/2018, Historian 2016/2017, ES Representative 2016/2017, Treasurer 2014/15, Fundraising Head 2014/15, Treasurer 2015/16

Why did you join the sorority? Muriel was my create leader, and she introduced AOE to me! I joined because I wanted to make friends, who is in the same area of study as I am.

What do you hope to accomplish?  I want to be more out going, make lots of friends, and have a great experience inside and outside of school!

If you were an animal what would you be? Cat or owl! They are both really fluffy!

Whats your favourite Disney movie? Little mermaid XD

Fun fact about you?  I sometime randomly starts baking at 1:00 AM & People sometime calls me an animal whisperer? I make friends with animal a lot

What are your interests and hobbies? Cooking, baking, gaming, biking, sometime crafting, and love playing with my cats and dog!

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