Sanduni De Silva

Candidate class: Gamma

Major: Civil Engineering

Intended grad year: 2016

Family: Iroegbu

Big Sister: Sandra Iroegbu

Little Sister(s): Janelle Mah, Fatima Ghori

Position Held: Merchandise Chair 2016/2017, Events Committee, Athletics, Historian

Why did you join the sorority? First day of create I didn’t see many ladies so I thought I wouldn’t have any girl friends but when the sisters came to me I felt like I belonged and I was like oh yeah!!!! I must join them!!

Biggest accomplishment: So far…nothing….

If you were an animal what would you be? Puppy who gets lots of love and care

What is your favorite Disney movie? Pirates of the Carribbean!! All of them!!! CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW

Fun facts about you: I’m superly duperly in LOVE with SKITTLES!!!!

What are your interests and hobbies? I like KPOP, I love playing basketball and volleyball!! Sleeping and eating makes me very very happy!!! oooh and I also like working out (when I feel like it)!!!!!!

I love MY FRIENDS!!! They r super duper awesome!!!

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