Zarah Feroz

Candidate Class: Gamma

Major: Civil Engineering

Intended Grad Year: 2016

Family: Iroegbu

Big Sister: Vedha Kumar =]

Little Sister(s): Karen Reimann, Kristelle Abueva

Positions Held: Vice President 2016/2017, Secretary 2013/14, Membership Educator 2012/13 

Why did you join the sorority? I joined this sorority to make meet people and make friends with other girls who are interested in the same thing. Engineering is a male dominated field and no matter how fun boys are you need your ladies and your sisters =]. Also we can all help each other out.

Biggest accomplishment: I don’t think I’ve had any major accomplishments but about a year ago I helped organize and choreograph a traditional Bengali Year Show for the school I worked in. This is only big for me because I’m really shy (or i used to be) and being in charge was EXTREMELY challenging for me.

If you were an animal what would you be? Which animal gets distracted easily? LOL but i’d like to be a tiger =]

What is your favourite Disney movie? Yo Ho! it’s a pirates life for me! PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!

Fun fact about you: I LOSE EVERYTHING!! or break it! I’m extremely careless and for some reason people find that amusing =/

What are your interests and hobbies? I love to dance and read and be extremely lazy on days that I can! I can watch television for HOURS nonstop! And I really like to help people and it bugs me for days if i can’t!

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